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5th Grade Math Stations

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Ambleside Tables Tester (8000 Points, Can't do "The Carlos")

Math Magician (Level 2, All Operations or Multiplication)

 Ghost Blaster 

 Sum Sense (60 Questions in 10 minutes)


1. Uses Factors and Multiples to solve multiplication problems.

Thinking of a Number: Clues using vocabulary

Factors and Multiples Jeopardy

Building a Factor Tree: Factors and Prime Factorization

Tackle Math Ball

Crazy Taxi: Find the Multiples

Multiplication Grand Prix

Multiplication v. Computer

Square Numbers



2. Uses related problems to solve 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication problems.

Wade's Workout: Basic Multiplication Facts

Ice Cream Scoop: Basic Multiplication Facts

Math Baseball: Multiplication Less than 10,000


3. Uses related problems to solve 2 digit divisor division problems.

Matching Game: Division with Remainders


4. Determines volume of 3 dimensional shapes.

Finding Area and Perimeter


5. Uses efficient strategies to add and subtract 5 digit numbers.

Estimation Golf

Glowla's Estimation Contraption: Addition estimation

Money Problems: Money Word Problems


6. Reads, writes, and sequences numbers to 100,000.

Cookie Dough: Number Form

Sequencing Numbers: Including Fractions and Decimals


7. Compares and orders fractions using benchmarks.


Dolphin Racing: Find the Largest Fraction

Ordering Game: Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Feed the Dolphins


BRAINPOP VIDEO: Converting Fractions to Decimals


8. Solves problems using fractions and percents.

Percent Grids

Mystery Picture: Fraction Word Problems

Mission Magnetite: Equivalent Fractions, %, Model

Number Invaders: Percentage of a Number

Math Olympics: Overall Midyear Review


9. Adds and subtracts fractions using models.

Car Race: Adding Fractions with Common Denominators


10. Identifies, describes, classifies, and communicates attributes of polygons.

Drag a shape: Identify Polygons

Quadrilateral Quest


11. Measure and estimate the size of angles.

Star Gazing: Estimating Angles

Banana Hunt: Estimating Angles

Kung Fu Angles

Angle Size: Acute, Obtuse, Right

Projectile Motion


12. Determines area and perimeter of polygons.

Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

Party Planner Perimeter & Area


13. Compares and orders decimals to thousandths.

Ordering Game: Decimals to the Thousandths Place

Ordering Decimals with Builder Ted

Rags to Riches: Reading Decimals

Coffee Shop


14. Adds and subtracts decimals to thousandths.

Choo Choo Decimals

Rope Tug: Decimal Differences

Subtracting Decimals: Money & Decimals


15. Place value understandings up to 100,000

Place Value to 100,000's

Sequencing Numbers


16. Coordinate Grids

Locate the Aliens on the Grid

Where is the Point?

Bug Coordinates (1 Quadrant)

Bug Coordinates (4 Quadrants)


BONUS : Logical Reasoning

Power Lines 1

Power Lines 2

Power Lines 3

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